CES Show Floor Update - MSI Geminium Upgradeable SLI Graphics!

My right-hand man, Marco "BigWop" Chiappetta (aka the Backbone of HH), checked in with me this AM with some super-stealth spy photos from the backrooms of the CES show in Vegas!  What we have for you here is one of the significantly more innovative products we've seen at the show this year, courtesy of MSI Computer.

MSI Geminium - Upgradeable Graphics Card


What you're looking at is "technically" an upgradeable graphics card based on a pair of NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 MXM modules that typically are used in notebook discrete graphics solutions.  There are two MXM (Mobile PCI Express) modules populated in the sockets in a SLI configuration with 512MB of total on board graphics memory, 256MB per Go 6600 core.  What's really interesting and cool about this approach is that you can potentially pop out the Go 6600 modules some time down the line and upgrade to a pair of GeForce Go 7800 GTXs in single card SLI mode as well.  And next generation NVIDIA Mobile Graphics solutions will also be released in the MXM form-factor, so there is an upgrade path theoretically there also.  Pretty spiffy eh?  We thought you'd like this one.