Capcom Addresses Perplexing Disappearance Of Ray Tracing In Resident Evil 2 And 3

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The relatively-recent re-makes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 were updated recently, and the patched version appearing on Steam seemed to remove the ray-tracing and 3D audio options for most, if not all, users. It was a big enough bungle that we even reported on it, commenting that it could be just as easily intentional or a bug.

Well, now we have official word from Capcom: it's a bug. Tweeting about the issue, the official Resident Evil account says that the missing options in the graphics menu are "an ongoing issue" and promises to address the problem in a future update.

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While not all gamers are likely to play these games with ray-tracing enabled, the features add a significant amount of visual punch to the remakes—especially in Resident Evil 3. Some players have complained that performance is very poor with ray-tracing enabled, particularly in light of the visual improvement offered by the features implemented by Capcom, but those with the hardware to handle the options will surely miss them.

It might be easy to assume that the update simply reverted the games to the older, DirectX 11-only versions that don't include the missing features, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Instead, the current version of the games are a DirectX 12 titles through and through—they're just missing the enhanced features.

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As we noted yesterday, those DirectX 11-only version of the games are still available, and will apparently continue to be available, but Capcom will stop supporting them after July 12th. That means not only that you won't be able to turn to Capcom for technical support, but also that any future updates or expansions for these games likely won't be available on that version of the game.

Hopefully the update that restores the missing ray-tracing options also restores the lost 3D audio and HDR display settings as well. Users complained that these options were removed in the update alongside the high-end graphics features. It would be nice if Capcom likewise implemented some improvements for the ray-traced graphics, but maybe we should worry more about getting them back at all before talking about upgrades.