Capcom Quietly Removed Ray Tracing From Resident Evil 2 And 3, What's Going On?

resident evil 3 PC hero
Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 and 3 PC remakes have taken a step back in graphical fidelity, as ray tracing has been removed from their graphical options. The change was spotted by gamers just ahead of the weekend, but at the time of writing we don’t know whether this retrograde step was made on purpose.

The curious changes to the seminal adventure horror games were highlighted on the PC Gaming subreddit by user pmc64. “The games got an update last night,” wrote the redditor. “They are still DirectX 12, but ray tracing options are missing.” They kindly shared a series of screenshots to make the issues clear.

resident evil graphics options no RT

Of course, one isolated user experiencing a bug wouldn’t be much of a story, but there are a significant number of users on Reddit, and the game’s Steam community, which confirm that a lack of ray tracing options is a characteristic of the updated version of these updated PC games.

Without any official word from Capcom regarding the situation, two schools of thought have been formed regarding the sudden removal of ray tracing options. Firstly, some users think the developers might have taken the features out while they work on fixes. This seems to be the favored theory of those who have had difficulty with issues and glitches running this game with ray tracing enabled previously.

A second popular theory is that Capcom simply introduced a bug with the latest update, which disabled the ray tracing options in settings, without anyone in internal testing noticing.

The latest update release notes for these games are incredibly brief, and don’t provide any clues behind the reasoning for ray tracing options vanishing from DX12 versions of the games. However, the notes warn that DX11 (non-ray tracing) versions of these games will lose support from July.

In addition to the headlining ray tracing issues, some users have complained that the update broke HDR visuals and lost Dolby Atmos for headphones audio compatibility.

We hope that the removal of ray tracing, HDR and Dolby Atmos options from these games is simply a bug or mistake, and that it will soon get fixed for Resident Evil players.