Borderlands 3 Weapons Guide: All The Dastardly Tools In Your Explosive Arsenal

Borderlands 3 is officially here and gamers are already customizing the skill trees of their favorite Vault Hunters. The game also includes a wide variety of weapon types. Today we will dig into the pros and cons of the Borderlands 3 eight basic weapon types. 

First and foremost it is important to note that players only start out with two weapon slots in Borderlands 3. Gamers will need to play through the first hour or so of the game before they can equip a third weapon. Players will leave Pandora on a spaceship and will then unlock that third slot. Players will unlock their fourth and final slot after playing through a long quest of the planet of Promethea. Most players will likely be able to equip all four weapons within 10 to 12 hours of the game.

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Hand-Held Mayhem, The Ol' Pistol

What kinds of weapons are available to the player? Although there are a massive number of unique weapons throughout the game, most weapons fall under one of eight basic types. First, assault rifles are the most well-rounded weapon in the game. Its firing rate, damage per shot, and accuracy are all commendable. The assault rifle is probably one of the best weapons for beginners, but more advanced players may find that it leaves something to be desired. There are other weapons in the game that are better for particular situations.

Gamers can also pick up a pistol.They boast a decently high reload speed and higher damage per shot. Their accuracy, magazine capacity, and fire rate are average. Pistols are best to use in close capacity to get critical damage. Revolvers are similar to pistols, but have a higher damage rate. They are very accurate, but have a slower reload speed and smaller magazine capacity.

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Shotguns, Sniping, Submachine Mauling And Rocket Resurfacing

Shotguns are the best weapon to use in close range. They offer an enormous amount of damage per shot. Unfortunately shotguns also have a low magazine capacity and they are not quick to reload. Sniper rifles are one of the best long range weapons. They also feature high damage per shot and they are incredibly accurate. They also have low firing rate and slower reload speeds. Submachine guns feature a high firing rate and larger magazine capacity. They are best used in short to medium range situations and are less effective at farther distances.

Rocket launchers and grenades are explosively fun (as you might imagine). A rocket launcher can deal out a ton of damage over a wide distance. It is important to remember that they also have a low magazine capacity and longer reload speeds. Grenades can also cause a lot of damage, but players will need to learn how to use their various kinds. For example, some grenades will spray out bullets before completely exploding.

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Players will also be delighted to know that there are many different weapon manufacturers in the game. Each of their weapons includes a specific function and design aesthetic. Maliwan weapons include a rather modern design and elemental damage, while Jakobs weapons provide more ballistic damage and a wild west aesthetic. The various weapon types and manufacturers means that players will have over a billion different weapons variations to choose from in the game. That's a lot of pain you can bring.

Although players are digging Borderlands 3 gameplay, many are less pleased with its frame rates. Many players have complained that they are struggling to get consistently get the game to run smoothly. Although Gearbox has not offered an official comment, it is likely a fix will be released soon. Borderlands 3 is currently available on PC, the Xbox One, and Playstation 4.