Borderlands 3 Fans Are Asking For A PC Frame Rate Fix Already

PC gamers know that some games need some serious hardware to be able to run at buttery smooth frame rates. Many have looked forward to the launch of Borderlands 3 for months, but the issue for some players is that they say the frame rate is low and that the game has visual lag.

borderlands 3 fight

Players who have PCs that exceed the requirements for the game are reporting that they are having problems getting the game to run smoothly all the time. The most obvious fix for low frame rates is to turn the graphics details to low, but the game has nice graphics and fans don't want to compromise.

So far Gearbox has made no official comments on the issue or the call for a frame rate fix. It's certainly not uncommon today, unfortunately, for games to launch with bugs and problems that require patches right out of the gates. The frame rate problem isn't the only issue that players see with the game; some are reporting issues with buggy inventory screens. One player complained that selling one item in the inventory sold a different item instead.

Some are warning that before players try and launch the game on PC, be sure that the Epic Store client is up to date. PC gamers who haven't purchased yet, but plan to, can check the specs of their machines against the requirements for the game announced in late August. Players who preordered the game on Amazon have about a month to go before they see their $10 Amazon preorder credit applied to their accounts. The base version of Borderlands 3 sells for $59.99.