Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked 2-Year Subscription Falls From $99 To $30

Although Best Buy runs deals on Gamers Club Unlocked from time to time, the electronics retail giant is making a permanent price reduction to its two-year subscription service. Instead of forking over a wallet-stressing $99 for a two-year membership, you’ll now only have to part with $30.

If you’re a heavy gamer that buys all the latest releases (or even likes to splurge on used games) that initial $30 will be recouped very quickly. Some of the perks including with a Gamers Club Unlocked membership include:

  • 20 percent off new physical video game software
  • 20 percent off Amiibo figures
  • 10 percent bonus trade-in credit on video game software
  • 10 percent off pre-owned video game software
  • 2x My Best Buy points for every dollar spent on new video game software, digital gaming and game accessories
  • 2 My Best Buy points for every dollar of video game software traded in
  • Special one-time-use welcome coupons
  • Exclusive offers


It should be noted that the 20 percent off “physical video game software” even applies to collector’s and special editions. So if you want to get your hands on Borderlands: Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition, which will retail for $399, you’ll be able to score it for around $320 before taxes. Throw in 2x My Best Buy points on your purchase and you’re looking at another $10 back in your pocket.

The new, lower price becomes active on March 8, so now’s your chance to gear up for some big discounts on upcoming releases including Batman: Arkham Knight, Halo 5, and The Elder Scrolls Online.