Best Buy Announces Nintendo Switch And NES Classic Bonanza Hump Day Sale

Nintendo has often failed us when it comes to providing adequate supplies of both its NES Classic Edition and the Switch gaming consoles. The retrotastic NES Classic Edition has been hard to find in retail stores ever since it launched on November 10th, despite the fact that Nintendo has promised to increase production to meet demand. Likewise, the newly launched Switch is arguably even harder to find these days.

So, whenever a retailer announces that it will have new stock of either console in its stores, eager gamers take notice. Over the weekend, it was Toys R Us that enticed Zelda and Mario fans with limited quantities of the Switch in its brick and mortar locations. This week, it is Best Buy’s turn to dangle the carrot in front of an eager audience.

Nintendo Switch Box

However, Best Buy is doubling up on its gaming goodness: the store will have limited quantities of both the NES Classic Edition and the Nintendo Switch online starting at 1 PM EST on Wednesday. The retailer made the announcement via its official Twitter page:

We should warn, however, that you’ll probably want to camp out at the Best Buy online product page for your console of choice before the 1 PM sale start and keep hitting the refresh button:

And take this piece of advice, don’t be greedy. Both consoles will probably sell out in record time, so focus on whichever console interests you the most and go after that one. Trying to juggle checking out with both consoles in your cart will probably end in utter disappointment.

NES Classic Edition Console

With that being said, GameStop expects that Nintendo Switch demand will outstrip supply through at least the Holiday 2017 shopping season. “Demand is incredibly strong for [the Nintendo Switch], and then, as soon as we get into our stores, it's out within hours,” said GameStop CEO Tony Bartel. “And so we're going to be -- we anticipate that we're going to be chasing supply this entire year.”

For its part, Nintendo is no doubt elated about the early success of the hybrid Switch console. "The reaction has been fantastic. I’ve seen the games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, right now the fourth highest-rated game in the history of video games," said Nintendo president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime. "We’ve turned the industry on its ear and to do that, to be part of a company that has a reputation for doing it on a regular basis, has been tremendous."