NES Classic Edition Back In Stock At Retailers, Here's Where To Find Them

NES Classic Edition Console
We’re running out of days to obtain a Nintendo NES Classic Edition before Christmas. The big day is coming up on Sunday, and at least two retailers are hoping to improve your chances of spreading Christmas joy with new stock of the hard-to-find gaming console.

First up is GameStop, which says that it will have the NES Classic Edition in stock both today and tomorrow. The company issued the following statement:

GameStop has again received another limited shipment of Nintendo NES Classics today through Thursday. Only available in store, not online. GameStop recommends that customers call their local stores to determine local quantities.

While your chances of purchasing the NES Classic Edition today at a GameStop location is probably slim to none, you might want to queue up for tomorrow’s allotment if your store still has any in stock.

NES Classic 2

The other retailer that plans to restock the NES Classic Edition before the weekend is Meijer. The retailer sent out the following tweet, which didn’t go unnoticed, explaining that stores will have stock tomorrow morning starting at 8AM:

The only problem is that in contrast to other retailers like GameStop, Best Buy, and Toys R Us, Meijer’s 230 stores are only found in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Wisconsin. So, the chances of scoring an NES Classic Edition via this route is somewhat limited.

With that being said, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is priced at $59.99, includes one wired controller, and comes preloaded with 30 classic games.