Battlefield V's Massive Firestorm Battle Royale Map Exposed In Leaked Tutorial Video

Battlefield V Firestorm
Pitting players in a battle royale scenario where the map shrinks until only one person or squad is left standing is all the rage right now—see the success of PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG), Fortnite, or more recently Apex Legends as evidence of this. Battlefield V will be joining the fray, and a leaked tutorial purportedly gives us a first look at the upcoming mode.

It's called Firestorm, and from what I can discern from the tutorial, it will be very similar to PUBG. That's to say you will drop on a map, scrounge around for weapons for yourself and any potentially teammates, and grab backpacks for additional storage capacity on your person. You can also be revived by a teammate while you are bleeding out on your hands and knees, though once you die, it's game over man, game over!

While not entirely clear, it looks as though there will not be individual weapon attachments that you can pick up and add to your arsenal. Instead, weapons are divided into three classes—Common, Rare, and Epic. As you would expect, Epic weapons are the best, and include advantageous perks like scopes, extended magazines, and reduced recoil.

Assuming the video is legit, one of the cool things that will be a part of Battlefield V's battle royal mode is the ability to fire a sidearm like a pistol when you are knocked down. There will also be objectives and safes scattered throughout the map, which you can capture to gain access to Epic reinforcements, rare loot, and certain combat vehicles.

It also looks as though developer Dice is aiming for an even playing field, with no class-specific benefits. And in a nod towards solo play, users will be able to hop in and play by themselves (Solo), as well as pair up with a teammate (Duo) or in a Squad (presumably three players). This is unlike Apex Legends, which at the moment only allows for teams of three.

Look for Firestorm to release this spring.