Bottle Rockets Are Coming To Fortnite, Here's How They May Work

Bottle Rockets
Epic Games is planning to unleash Bottle Rockets in Fortnite, as the developer announced in an in-game news message over the weekend. Epic Games did not provide any details about the new item, though it does look like they will be very different than the kinds of bottle rockets you might fire into the sky on the Fourth of July.

Looking at a leaked render, it appears that Fortnite's upcoming Bottle Rockets will not be a handheld weapon. One of the images shows a set of Bottle Rockets mounted in a turret, which brings to mind Fortnite's Mounted Turret, a Legendary trap item in Battle Royal. The Mounted Turret can be only be placed on floors and has unlimited ammo.

The Mounted Turret can also overheat if fired too often. It's not yet known if those same characteristics will apply to the Bottle Rockets item, as the only thing Epic Games revealed is that it is "loud, bright, and dangerous." So, it's anyone's guess if it will be a trap item or an explosive weapon, or perhaps a combination.

There are some interesting leaks on Twitter, however, including one that shows what the crosshairs will look like. According to the leak, the crosshairs have an oval shape on top of two lines. It looks as though aiming will be similar to the Grenade Launcher. If mimicking real life, though, the Bottle Rockets should shoot straighter and faster.

In a separate leak on Twitter, there is audio of the Bottle Rockets. You can hear a whistle sound, similar to a real-life bottle rocket, but with bigger explosions.

Epic Games did not say when it will introduce Bottle Rockets to Fortnite, though it's possible the new in-game item could show up with the v7.40 update.