Here's Where To Score Battlefield V For Just $30 Only Two Weeks Post-Launch

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but if you are still on the hunt for deals on console video games, Target has one for you. Target is offering Battlefield V on the PS4 and the Xbox One platforms for $29.99, which is a huge 50% discount off the regular $59.99 retail price. It's unusual to see a major AAA title like this discounted so heavily only two weeks post-launch.

bfv ps4

Battlefield V takes the franchise back to its WWII roots and introduces women in combat. That move angered some delicate Battlefield fans who cried foul, claiming it wrecked the historical accuracy of the game. Shortly after the announcement of the game featuring women in combat, the game developers stepped up and said that female characters were here to stay in the game. Target isn't offering the PC version of Battlefield V at the discounted price unfortunately, though that version of the game was also available at launch. The PC version of the game supports real-time DXR raytracing, and you need a beefy PC to support that feature. 

You can take advantage of the Target discounts on the PS4 version here and the Xbox One version here.

In related news, perhaps the wild success of Red Dead Redemption 2, and the massive failure of Fallout 76 is putting pressure on EA and Dice to sell more copies of Battlefield V. Fallout 76 has already been discounted down to $34.99 as gamers call for Bethesda to give them refunds on a game that many view as bug riddled and broken. Bethesda promised some PC gamers refunds only to allegedly decline those refunds later. Bethesda is now trying to soothe angered gamers and has promised better communication.