Bethesda Reportedly Issuing Refunds For PC Version Of Fallout 76

Gamers and fans of the Fallout franchise had high hopes for Fallout 76 when it was announced, and as anticipation built for its launch. Once the game landed, it was panned in reviews, plagued with bugs, and many said the game wasn't much fun. We talked about why the game could be so highly anticipated and then bomb so bad with gamers, and while Bethesda has tried to fix the complaints with a massive patch that was larger than the game itself, things are still not great in the wasteland. Most recently servers have failed due to fans using exploits to launch three nukes at the same time.

fallout 76

Gamers are very frustrated with Fallout 76, and unfortunately for the PC gamers who purchased the game via Bethesda and wanted their money back, there was no way for players to request a refund on the game, or so we thought. As it turns out there may indeed be a way for PC gamers to get their money back on the game. One PC gamer on Resetera has come forward and stated Bethesda issued a full refund on Fallout 76 after playing it for 24 hours of total time.

The user goes by Fernando and wrote, "I was able to get a refund for my copy of Fallout 76, this is after 24 hours total playtime. All I said was I wasn’t happy with the bugs and poor performance, and they approved it pretty quickly. Just letting people know." Note that the user doesn't quantify "pretty quickly" in any way, so we aren't sure if we are talking hours or days; most likely the latter. Bethesda has made no official comment on the refund policy for this game.

The poor performance of Fallout 76 and bugs have created quite a bit of ire towards Bethesda. It may be that the company has decided to keep its core PC fanbase as happy as possible by handing out refunds. There is no indication that fans who purchased the game on a console have received refunds at this time.