Fallout 76 Already Being Heavily Discounted Amid Poor Reviews And Refund Requests

When games are selling well (fresh out the gate), they rarely received significant discounts. Game developers want to cash in on the popularity of new games for as long after launch as they can. Typically once sales start to slow a bit, the game will see a discount to give those who were on the fence about buying it the push needed to jump aboard. Fallout 76 has only been on the market for a couple of weeks now, but already the game has been discounted by a large amount on Amazon.


The normal retail price for this game is $59.99, and as of now, Amazon is selling the game for $34.99, which is a $25.00 discount for the standard version of the game. The Tricentennial version of the game is on sale for $49.99, which is a $30 discount off the regular $79.99 price. The same discounted prices are available on PC, Xbox, and PS4; Prime members also get free shipping on the game. This nice discount might ease the angst of buying a game that you know is rife with bugs at this point.

However, Bethesda is trying to make the game better; it issued a massive 54GB patch this month in an attempt to address some of the lingering issues in the game. The patch was larger than the original game download itself for console gamers; for PC gamers the patch was still large at 15GB. Other criticisms about the game have included that it is too much like Fallout 4, which was a great game by all accounts. Fallout 76 is the first game in the Fallout franchise to be online-only and does away with the NPCs that players have played alongside in all other games in the franchise.

The fact that Fallout 76 is an online-only title that you play with other people was also a turn off for some fans. Fallout 76 reportedly sold poorly in Europe with the new game selling 82.4% fewer copies at launch than Fallout 4.

Last week reports surfaced that Bethesda was issuing refunds to some PC gamers who asked for one. It seems that Bethesda changed its mind and has now told some players who asked for refunds that once the game is downloaded no refunds are offered. It's sad to see one of the best franchises in gaming have such a poor showing with Fallout 76 after other games in the franchise have been stellar.