ATI's Technical PR Interview, ABIT AX8 v1 Motherboard

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Intel Developing Ultra-Low Power Manufacturing Process

Additional 65nm Process Will Stretch Battery Life of Mobile Devices

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 20, 2005 - Intel Corporation is developing an ultra-low power derivative of its high-performance 65 nanometer (nm) logic manufacturing process that will enable production of very low-power chips for mobile platforms and small-form factor devices. The ultra-low power process will be Intel's second process based on 65 nm process technology.

Intel's high-performance 65nm (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter) process provides both power consumption and performance benefits over Intel's current industry-leading 90nm manufacturing process. The company's new ultra-low power 65nm process provides Intel chip designers additional options in delivering the circuit density, performance and power consumption required by users of battery-operated devices.

"People typically embrace mobile platforms that maximize battery life," said Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of the Intel Mobile Platforms Group. "Such products will be greatly enhanced by our new ultra-low power manufacturing process. We will design future mobility platforms to take full advantage of both leading-edge, 65nm manufacturing processes."

One of the factors in decreasing chip power consumption, which is important to mobile and battery-operated devices, is improving the design of the transistor. Lost electricity leaking from these microscopic transistors, even when they are in their "off" state, is a problem that is a challenge for the entire industry.

"With the number of transistors on some chips exceeding one billion, it is clear that improvements made for individual transistors can multiply into huge benefits for the entire device," said Mark Bohr, senior fellow and director of Intel Process Architecture and Integration. "Test chips made on Intel's ultra-low power 65nm process technology have shown transistor leakage reduction roughly 1000 times from our standard process. This translates into significant power savings for people who will use devices based on this technology."

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NVIDIA 1.0-8XXX Series Preview @ Phoronix

"By now, you would almost need to be living underneath a rock to not have heard about the upcoming NVIDIA Rel80 GeForce display drivers. Although a majority of this preliminary information has been Microsoft Windows centric, today we'll be sharing with you some of the features that should be on the horizon for Linux users and the 1.0-8XXX drivers, one of which feature is the long awaited SLI support."

FIC Ice Cube HU61 Barebones @ | Image

"The great thing about mini barebones systems is that they are small and you don't need to add much right out of the box. Their downfall is usually cooling and processing power. Well today we will be looking at a mini barebones that can handle an AMD 64. Now that's some processing power! The only question is can it cool like a normal PC would?"

ABIT AX8 v1 Motherboard Evaluation @ [H]ard|OCP

"The ABIT AX8 is a scorchingly fast motherboard that contends with the newest products on the market. In a blind taste test, I would say that you could not identify the AX8 from any of the nForce4 products in terms of performance, although ignoring SLI and dual core benefits."

Patriot Memory Factory Tour in Fremont, CA, USA @ Hardware Secrets

"Patriot is one of the newest players in the retail memory market and their market share seems to be growing. Their factory, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is smaller than other memory factori..."

ATI's Technical PR Interview @

"Interview with Mr Rene Froeleke of ATI Technologies. The following interview was very kindly given to CDRinfo by Mr Rene Froeleke, PR Technical Manager of ATI"