ATI Press Release, X700 Previews and Much More

Good evening friends, NJ here with your nightly conglomeration of hot news from around the net.  Tonight we have a wide variety of articles that should cover just about every aspect of the hardware scene.  But, on a quick side note, I need to make mention that the cult favourite, Star Wars, hit the media isles for the first time in DVD format today.  I have yet to open my box, but I am looking forward to seeing my main man, Darth "I am your father" Vader, in all the glory of digital format.

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ATI Announces World's First PCI Express ALL-IN-WONDER

MARKHAM, Ontario – September 21, 2004 – The new PCI Express computer platform gains the ultimate multimedia solution with the new ALL-IN-WONDER(R) X600 PRO from ATI Technologies Inc. (TSX: ATY, NASDAQ: ATYT). The eighth generation of new multimedia add-in video cards will ship next month in Europe and soon after in North America. ALL-IN-WONDER X600 PRO is powered by the RADEON(R) X600 graphics chip and offers benefits for home theater, video editing, and gaming enthusiasts or anyone wanting to take advantage of PCI Express faster through-put capabilities to deliver ATI's award winning high quality video image performance.

ATI's European add-in-board manufacturers, including Connect3D Inc., Hightech Information System Limited, Info-Tek Corporation, Sapphire Technology Limited, and Tul Corporation, will offer ALL-IN-WONDER X600 PRO in various configurations later this year. Pricing for the North American retail version will be available at time of shipment later this fall.

"ATI continues to lead the Digital Home PC initiative by delivering the world's first multimedia video card – ALL-IN-WONDER X600 PRO – with breakthrough support for PCI Express," said Godfrey Cheng, Director of Marketing, Multimedia Products, ATI Technologies. "The ALL-IN-WONDER X600 PRO is the ultimate solution for those who want a complete PCI Express system that provides gaming, video editing and Personal Video Recorder capabilities in a sleek and complete package."

ALL-IN-WONDER X600 PRO includes RADEON X600 graphics technology that provides full, native 16-lane PCI Express bus interconnect to transfer data between the VPU and CPU in both directions simultaneously. The new video card allows data to be sent and received concurrently at twice the speed of existing AGP 8X solutions.

 ATi X700 Previews:

 Shuttle XP17 @ t-break

"Style is something that Shuttle has definitely helped implementing in the PC industry with their XPCs. Keeping this idea in mind, Shuttle is now adding more products to their portfolio starting off with LCD screens. These sleek display devices have been selling well for the last few quarters replacing the big and bulky monitors we're used to. Shuttle's entry into the LCD seems like an ideal move for them- they can now pair the lean mean XPC machine with an even sleeker XP17."

 Legion Hardware - Mainstream PCI Express Graphics Card Roundup

"Well there you have it, seven different graphics cards offering a variety of performance at a range of prices. These seven PCI Express products are all priced at under $200 US making them reasonably affordable, some more so than others. The cheapest of them all being the Radeon X300 SE (128MB), available for a bargain basement price of just $69 US (according to PriceWatch)."

 ABIT AG8-LGA 775 Motherboard Review @ ClubOC

"We've already had a taste of Intel's 815 chipset, the LGA 775 CPU and PCI Express video cards. As for the last brand we tested, I was excited to see the new technology working, but was left unimpressed. Now it's ABIT's turn. ABIT has sent over a couple motherboards and video cards promising me that ABIT can do better than the other guys. Now I'm excited about getting started once again! The first ABIT board we'll tear into is the AG8, LGA 775 motherboard based on the Intel 915P chipset."

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