ATi Doom3 Drivers and Some Other Goodies

Good evening everyone, how is my HH family doing?  With Doom3 being released today, I am sure many of you have spent the day fraging baddies, or in some cases, screaming like a little girl every time a monster jumps out of the shadows ;)  Nevertheless, just to aid you in your quest of getting the max FPS out of the game, here is a little treat from our friends at ATi.


ATI is making a pre-release version of its upcoming CATALYST 4.9 driver available to its customers (in conjunction with the recent release of Doom 3). This pre-WHQL driver will deliver a great experience for RADEON customers playing Doom 3. The beta driver is intended to get Doom 3 performance enhancements into the hands of gamers as soon as possible. Testing and qualification of the driver will continue and the WHQL certified CATALYST 4.9 driver will be posted in September and will include additional features and functionality.

Beta drivers are not supported by ATI's technical support teams. For other games and applications or for customers requiring a supported driver, ATI recommends that customers continue to use the WHQL certified CATALYST 4.7 driver or the WHQL certified CATALYST 4.8 driver which will be available shortly from

The beta driver can be downloaded form: HERE

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That's all I have friends, catch us back here in the AM :) - Cheers

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