ATI Catalyst 5.3 and 5.4 Analysis, Alpha PAL8150 Heatsink, and more!

Hey folks, just checking in here with another update before the weekend hits us. As for HotHardware news today, Andrew has reviewed the Dell Inspiron 6000(d). Also, Dave's post below gives you a little bit if info on the upcoming nForce 4 SLI Intel Edition board from ASUS, the P5ND2-SLI Deluxe. Enjoy!

ASUS AX800XT/TVD 256MB (RADEON X800 XT P.E.) @ Hardware Zone

"With the launch of ATI's X850 series, the honor of leading ATI's lineup has passed from the X800 XT P.E. to its X850 counterpart. Meanwhile, price and availability for the X800 XT P.E. has improved significantly. Find out why we think the ASUS AX800XT/TVD 256MB is an attractive option for those requiring a high-end performer with plenty of frills."

AOpen, ECS and Foxconn SiS760GX Motherboards @ PC Perspective

"If I had to single-out a board in this review as being a strong buy, it would be the Foxconn WinFast 760GXK8MB-ERS because of its Firewire support, SuperBoot feature, and a full accessory package. If you can't find this model, the AOpen s760GXm-S is your next best bet. The AOpen has BIOS controlled fans as well as being the smallest board in this round-up. The ECS performed well, but really didn't have any extra features to make it stand out."

ATI Catalyst 5.3 and 5.4 Performance Analysis @ TweakTown

"We missed a month in our monthly ATI Catalyst driver preview last month which means time around we have not only included the latest set of ATI drivers but the ones we missed last month. So you know the kind of performance increase you do get we have also thrown in the 5.2 version of the graphics drivers. Is it time to update your drivers for your ATI graphics card? Read on and find out!"

NVIDIA 6800GT SLI Review @

"Performance in the benchmarks shows a marked improvement over a single card. As long as your power supply is up to the task of providing enough power to the two video cards, and you are willing to live with the fact that 4 of your slots will be covered on the motherboard, SLI works as advertised."

Alpha PAL8150 Heatsink Review @ Ninjalane

"The Alpha PAL8150 is certainly is one of the chosen few that can actually outperform many coolers on the market and thus keeps with the rich Alpha tradition."