ATI Avivo Technology, Klipsch iFi iPod Speaker System

CNet has put up a good read today, examining the effect the internet has had on human intelligence. Does using the internet make you smarter? It's already been proven that a daily dose of HotHardware can raise your IQ, but what about the rest of the net? All right, fine... maybe we won't raise your IQ, but we will keep you informed about the latest and greatest hardware out there. Now, let's take a look at some of that hardware...

Mad Catz Universal MC2 Racing Wheel Review @ Hardware.GamersHell

"Overall, Mad Catz's Universal MC2 Steering Wheel and Pedals is an incredibly user friendly and reasonably priced third-party offering for racing fans in search of a richer racing experience. Sure, it may lack the lavish features of the higher priced wheels, such as force feedback and 900 degrees axis rotation, but the MC2 manages to offer up some stern competition—and at a much lower price point."

ATI Avivo Technology Preview @ Beyond3D

"The Avivo term spans both the capture and encode technologies, covered by ATI's Theater products, as well as a new video decode, post processing and display pipeline. As the AVIVO decode, post process and display pipeline spans the full range of ATI's next generation graphics, from integrated all the way up to the high end R520 products, ATI are giving a quick insight into the technology prior to the release of the next generation 3D graphics parts."

Klipsch iFi iPod Speaker System Review @ The TechZone | Image

"The iPod economy has flourished with over 21 million iPods sold and a wide range of companies creating products ranging from high-end fashion cases to automobile integration kits to speaker systems for iPod. One of those speaker systems is made by Klipsch and it's the best iPod speaker system we have ever heard. It is also the most expensive iPod speaker system we have ever heard."

Asus Extreme N6600GT Silencer @ AMDZone

"What really sets the video card apart is of course Asus' new Silent Cool cooling solution, using multiple heatsinks, one main one and two others in addition to a heatpipe. The heat from the GPU is spread via the heatpipe and a huge heatsink on the GPU with a unique fin design and positioning of the heatpipe on top of the actual card it directs heat away from the GPU."

nForce 400/GeForce 6100 Technology preview @ t-break

"While Intel continues to release chipsets with integrated video for the Pentium 4 platform, the activity on the AMD front has been quite low. We do have chipsets from ATI and VIA with integrated video for the AMD platform but its mostly nVidia that you think about when buying a motherboard for your AMD processor."