ATI and NVIDIA to Own Chipset Market?

None other than Mike Magee himself has posted an interesting bit of news regarding the motherboard chipset market over at The Inquirer. Here, Mike had the opportunity to sit down with ATI's own Dave Orton and discuss where ATI would be in this market down the road. Apparently, ATI believes that only ATI and NVIDIA will be making motherboard chipsets in two years. Although Mike assumed Dave left Intel out as they are a given, Dave Orton makes a statement which certainly seems to indicate otherwise here with, "Only ATI and Nvidia should be in the IGP business,". Being a slow Monday morning, I'll jump start the rumor mill and toss out the idea of Intel conceding all IGP duties to either ATI or NVIDIA. Perhaps a buyout of one of the two major GPU vendors is coming? For those who have not yet found the bottom of their first cup of coffee, this is 110% speculation and there is no evidence thus far to indicate that this is actually going to happen.

He said that while both Nvidia and ATI had had their problems with implementing chipsets, those difficulties were now more or less resolved. Customers, including motherboard makers, would welcome such a move, he said. "Only ATI and Nvidia should be in the IGP business," he said. The challenge for third party chipset manufacturers like Via and SIS was they had to invent their integrated graphics for their chipsets. For ATI, he said, "that is a natural business".