Athlon XP Heatsink roundup, Gigabyte Fanless 6800, and more!

It's almost the end of December, and I almost went an entire month without a single problem from my ISP! The "Horrible Ping From Hell" problem has risen it's ugly head again, which makes a few things I do on the net impossible or very problematic. All you online gaming fans know the pain that a ping of 400 can bring. Next year, maybe Santa will bring me Comcast ;) Enough of my problems though, let's get this going...

Zalman VF700-AlCu GPU Cooler Review @ Rojakpot

"The NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra has already shown us how the heat generated can be unbearable, both thermally as well as acoustically. Is quiet cooling still possible? Today, we will take a look at the new Zalman VF700-AlCu GPU cooler! Much lighter and sporting a flower heatsink design, is this the ultimate cooling solution? Let's find out!"

AMD Athlon XP Heatsink roundup: December 2004 @ Madshrimps

"The Thermalright SI-97, Scythe Kamakiri and Spire VertiCool compared using a variety of fans and reference heatsinks. Does the new generation Athlon XP coolers deliver good value for money? Read on to find out"

Gigabyte Fanless 6800 Review @ Neoseeker

"On the temperature discussion note, we put the Gigabyte through a more rigorous test than usual - we mounted the Gigabyte in a closed case for the duration of testing with no case fans - only the OCZ Modstream and a Gigabyte 3DCooler. We're happy to report that we did not see stability problems."

Sunbeam Samurai Case Review @ XYZ Computing

"Sunbeam is right up with the best of them with its Samurai case, available in red, silver, and black plastic housing. This is a barebones ATX case with no bundled power supply. However, it does sport a few practical features that are enticing..."