Asetek Press Release, IWill Sneak Peak, Gaming Case and More

Good afternoon friends, welcome back to Hot Hardware :)  The newswire is humming with activity today.  So, without further delay here is another shot of the juice...

PRESS RELEASE -Asetek WaterChill KT03-L20 Entry Kit

"The NEW WaterChill™ KT03-L20 Entry Kit is a superb entry-level water cooling kit designed for moderate PC Enthusiasts and Overclockers excited to explore the world of water cooling for the first time – without compromising quality.

The WaterChill™ CPU Cooling Entry Kit offers Maximum Cooling Performance & Easy Assembly and has unmatched price competitiveness."


• WaterChill™ CPU Cooler (DYO – CPU01/P1) supporting Intel P4 S478, AMD socket A,
AMD S754/S940 [AMD 64] (Requires 4 holes in motherboard)
•Black Ice Pro Radiator with fittings
•700 l/hr Hydor Pump with fittings (115/220 V plug)
•WaterChill™ Tube Set (150 cm)
•Y-fitting and stopper for filling are included
•Fittings and mounting accessories for the CPU Cooler four screws for mounting the radiator in the case are included
•Heat Conduction Compound - 2 ml tube
•WaterChill™ installation guide


• Maximum cooling capacity
•Reduction of CPU core temperatures at max load up to 50% (35 - 45 degrees Celsius)
•Significantly improved CPU stability
•Extreme overclocking potential
•Up to 10 times more effective than air cooling
•Unmatched price competitiveness
•Assembly ease
•Component superiority & build quality
•Complete application flexibility
•Sharp design & strong visual impact

To read the whole Press Release: Click here

Dual Opteron SFF System IWill ZMAXdp Sneak Peak @ Hexus

"While the photographs don't give the entire game away, the basic construction, motherboard layout and cooling system are clear to see.  My personal concerns lie in routing the power cable to the port under the cooling unit, and lack of SATA, but it appears to be quite the engineering showcase.  Cramming dual Opteron into such a form factor is impressive, the Opteron itself lending the largest helping hand to such a design, it's thermal characteristics making it possible."

CasEdge Chimaera Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case @ System Cooling

"We've been seeing more and more big-name case manufacturers coming out with pre-modded cases targeted towards the gaming crowd during the past year. CasEdge Inc, a subsidiary of the Foxconn Group, is releasing the new Chimaera enclosure on the heels of their popular Diabolic Minotaur gaming case."

Wireless on a Budget Article @ PenStar Systems

"The second major advance is that of increasing the wireless range by including a repeating function to the DWL-900AP /DWL-800AP products.  To enable this function the user needs to log into the Access Point and set it to repeating mode.  This only works with other AirPlus products, but it can more than double the effective wireless range.  In large houses, or places with thick walls, this can prove to be a lifesaver!  The user just needs to take their laptop and find the very edge of their wireless range (when the signal goes to "Poor").  Simply place the AP near that spot and plug it in, and it will act as a repeater for your network."

That is all at the moment folks, I am sure you will see me later tonight :) - Cheers