Are Games Addictive? AMA Orders Research

Just about everyone has at least heard some tale of neglect with video games and/or the internet to blame.  It seems that the American Medical Association (AMA), even after declining to call gaming an addiction (at this time), wants to study the subject further:
“The call to examine gaming and Internet addiction may spawn from the widely reported, but isolated incidents of health issues – and even death – surrounding massively multiplayer online games, such as the World of Warcraft.

Aside from addiction, the AMA may also look at the emotional effects of video games dealing with extreme content. Currently under intense scrutiny is Rockstar Games’ Manhunt 2, which has been temporarily suspended from release due to its ESRB rating of AO for adults only.”
If the AMA does eventually to declare video gaming an addiction, there’s no telling just how far-reaching the repercussions might be.  It could simply end up being a warning label, such as those adorning tobacco and alcohol products, or it might even see a complete change in ratings and advertising rules.
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