Apple’s VR Headset Is Coming And WWDC 2023 Will Offer Hands-On Access

apple reality pro ar vr headset launch and demos expected at wwdc23
In 2016, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook aimed to take a gamble on augmented reality and that vision is finally coming to fruition it seems, with the tease of the Apple Reality Pro AR/VR headset ahead of WWDC23. Of course, with this tease, expectations are rather high, and it appears Apple is trying to cater to that with a special hands-on area in Apple Park for press members and select attendees. The demo area will offer folks a chance to play with the new headset in all its glory following its expected unveiling next week.

Though the “Apple Reality Pro,” if that is even its final marketing name, is set to be revealed rather soon, we do not have many details on the device. However, in late May, we found that the Apple Reality Pro might come with some beefy displays. Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), claimed that the AR/VR headset would have an over 5000nits-bright Micro OLED 1.41” display per eye, boasting 4,000 pixels each. It has also been rumored that Apple has developed an operating system for the new platform called xrOS, which will integrate with FaceTime and is expected to be the headline feature.

headset apple reality pro ar vr headset launch and demos expected at wwdc23

Of course, with these impressive specs comes an equally shocking price, which is expected to be around $3,000 if Apple’s equation of at least doubling the bill of materials value is to be believed. Regardless, Apple will make this quite the product launch, if reports from Bloomberg are accurate. Reportedly, “Apple has built a large structure on the Apple Park campus to provide controlled hands-on demos of the device to some attendees and media at the conference.” Moreover, there may also be demos at the basketball courts near the employee fitness center on the Apple campus.

Hopefully, we will get our hands on the headset once it launches, as it seems to be a rather exciting product overall. Though the price might be high for most consumers, the potential applications for not only consumer entertainment but also small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are amazing. We will have to wait and see, though, so stay tuned to HotHardware for updates on the upcoming Apple Reality Pro.