Apex Legends Heroes Octane And Wattson Discovered In Code With Cool New Abilities

Apex Legends New heros leak
Apex Legends has only been out for two weeks, but the game may already soon receive a major update. Data miners have discovered the names of two possible future Apex Legends heroes and the names of their special abilities. “Octane” and “Wattson” may soon be added to the game’s limited roster.

Octane will boast some sort of “Stimpack” ability. In Titanfall 2, “stims” quickly heal the user and boost their speed. Apex Legends' hero “Lifeline” is already a combat medic, so Octane’s ability may focus more on speed.

apex legends in game
Wattson will reportedly have some ability called “Tesla Trap”. Some have theorized that this character will damage other players while they are trapped or slow them down significantly. Based off of the names “Watt”-son and “Tesla”, their ability will likely include electricity.

Data miners were also able to discover the names of other potential heroes or weapons. These names include: Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie, Skunner. If these names do indeed refer to future heroes, they would more than double the current Apex Legends hero roster.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game from the makers of Titanfall. Within a week the game reportedly attracted 25 million players and more viewers on Twitch than Fortnite. Respawn Entertainment has been working hard to keep their players happy. This past week they banned more than 16,000 cheaters and put in place a system where players can report issues. The game is so popular that Chinese technology company Tencent Holdings has been speaking to EA about distributing the game in China.
Apex Legends' explosive success has not shielded it from controversy. Many players have complained that cosmetic skins are too expensive, especially in comparison to other Apex Legends items. At the moment, a weapon skin costs $11 USD, while players can unlock the heroes Caustic and Mirage for a mere $7.50. 1,000 “Apex Coins” costs $10 USD, so players would need to buy two packs of 1,000 Apex coins to purchase a skin.

Some are worried that these imbalanced microtransactions are a sign of things to come. EA has a history of poorly handling microtransactions in games like Star Wars Battlefront II. Thankfully, Apex Legend’s microtransaction kinks can be easily fixed. Red Dead Online experienced a similar situation when it was initially released and its developers sorted out the issue. Let us hope that any problems in Apex Legends are also quickly fixed and that its developers will release new content in the future.