Antec NeoPower 480 PSU, Logitech X-530 Speakers and More

Good evening friends, welcome back :)  Before we hit the news-bin, I want to take a second and wish all our Canadian readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I just finished up a feast of turkey and all the dressing myself.  So, before I slip any further into this food coma, let's get some news fired up for your reading enjoyment.  Here is your evening shot...

 Antec NeoPower 480 PSU Review @

"Since then, I have run up to 10 Laser LEDs, 6 CCFL's, 15 fans (8 LED and 7 non-LED), 3 HDs, a CD writer, DVD writer, various video cards, etc, etc. Get the point? Not once, have I had an issue with power. Until today, I have been running my Antec TrueBlue non-stop, pushing the max at times. With all the new products, come new innovations. Power Supplies today have lights, fans, and are modular. What? Modular, meaning the cables can be added according to the users needs. No more silly floppy connector if you aren't using a floppy."

 CoolMax Xtreme Files F1 @ Phoronix

"CoolMax, a company which was founded in 1992 with an ambition for manufacturing AC and DC voltage fans, but had later diversified its outlook and began developing an entirely new assortment of products, has recently released the Xtreme Files (F1): The "OS" Ultimate 5-in-1 External Enclosure for HDD. This device can backup/restore your operating system or selected files at the touch of a button."

 Logitech X-530 5.1 Speakers review @ Hardavenue

"With games making the jump from static image text adventures to multimedia cinematic experiences the need to deliver an equally impressive audio experience is paramount. With recent titles such as Activision's Doom3 supporting full 5.1 surround systems, and the proliferation of DVD drives in today's systems, manufacturers have rushed to meet the market demands and we now have a bevy of competitive 5.1 systems available in all price ranges."

 SilverStone Temjin TJ-05 Case Review @ 3DX

"The SilverStone TJ05 is just a monster of a Case, it's spacious and rigid. The quality behind this Case was never and will never be questioned. If you are looking for a LAN Party Case, look elsewhere. If you are looking for something to last a lifetime – this is it!"

 Albatron Trinity GeForce PCX5750 128MB @ The Crucible

"If you're an overclocker, the Albatron Trinity PCX5750 is definitely a prime choice. The card tested was able to reach an amazing speed of 505 MHz core, 667 MHz memory. If you are bent on building a new PCI Express based system and are looking for an inexpensive interim card that won't hamper your gaming fetish or just to hold you over until native PCI-E cards are released, be sure to check out the Albatron Trinity PCX5750."

 Cooler Master Cavalier 1 Mid-Tower ATX Case @ The Crucible

"This case makes a statement no matter where you place it. The Cooler Master Cavalier is as much at home nestled a long side a Marantz hi-fidelity power amp as it is tucked neatly under a desk. Though placing this case under your desk is like hiding one of Picaso's master pieces under a sheet. The combination of aluminum, steel and plastic melds into a fine poetic statement."

 OCZ PowerStream 420W PSU @ Viper Lair

"The OCZ PowerStream has hit the mark, and then some. Not only is this power supply of the highest quality, it is quiet and sexy. OCZ has hit a homer with the PowerStream line, it would have been a Grand Slam had they wrapped up all of their power leads, but that is only a small issue and you can wrap them yourself to get the colors you desire."

 VL System LIS 2 Premium VFD @ PimpRig

"The unit we are reviewing here is the "Premium" or VFD version. There is also a LCD or "Blue Eyes" version available for those on a tight budget. To paraphrase Henry Ford, "You can have any color you want as long as it's blue." The L.I.S.-2 displays currently come in only one color."

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