AMD To Keep ATI Brand Name?

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that high-ranking ATI insiders are confirming that AMD will retain the ATI brand name for the next few years. Since AMD's acquisition of the company, the industry has run rampant with rumors that AMD would be discarding the ATI brand name though opting to keep the Radeon designation for GPU's. Should ATI's name remain in the industry, it will certainly make it easier for the company to continue selling chipsets for the Intel platform. Were AMD to discard the name and use "AMD" across all divisions, the days of seeing an ATI chipset for the INtel platform would be nothing more than a fond memory. Then again, Intel might have a sour taste in their mouth from the entire situation and that day could come regardless of what AMD chooses to call that division.

"We have also learned that the chipset and Crossfire business are here to stay and their future is even more secured as AMD needs a high end platform for a powerhouse and Crossfire is a way to compete with SLI. Of course, Intel may see this all somewhat differently, and if it's a game of Snakes and Ladders, Twiddliwinks or Ludo, Chipzilla might simply decide to throw all of its boards in the air and say, like Alice in Wonderland, we're not playing this game any more!"
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