AMD Is Building An Entirely New Design Site In New York And Is Now Hiring

AMD Dr Lisa Su
You've probably heard that tech companies have stopped hiring lately. This is true of Apple and Google, but it's not universal. AMD is hiring, and even building a new campus for its Radeon Technology Group division.

Older hardware enthusiasts will remember that the Radeon Technology Group started life as Array Technology Inc, later known as ATI Technologies. ATI was one of the smaller names in graphics adapters in the early days of PCs, but quickly gained prominence in the multimedia era due to its excellent video acceleration functions. ATI was one of the very first to offer combined 2D and 3D acceleration capabilities in a single chip, too.

ati rage fury maxx
ATI's RAGE FURY MAXX, which we reviewed in 2001!

AMD bought ATI in 2006 and the company has remained more or less competitive with its biggest rival, NVIDIA. While Radeon cards' popularity may have taken a dip in the last few years, they're still extremely capable hardware with solid software, which is more than we can say for essentially everyone else that dates to the same vintage.

On the CPU side of things, AMD is seeing unprecedented success against long-time rival and competitor Intel. Sure, back around the turn of the millennium AMD landed some blows on the blue team's jaw with the Athlon, and its leadership with x86-64 forced Intel to continue the cross-licensing agreement the companies established with the 32-bit x86 architecture. However, the company faltered with major performance-sapping bugs during the Phenom era and then fell flat on its face with the "Bulldozer" AMD FX CPUs.

amd mike evans tweet
That's all ancient history now, with Ryzen outselling Intel at DIY shops and EPYC making serious inroads in the server market. AMD has some cash in pocket, and it's looking to expand. Mike Evans of AMD says that the company is hiring engineers for both its CPU and GPU groups, building a new facility for R&D, and that he's looking for some good web developers, too.

Looking at the company's job listings, there are some 2,469 results, so it looks like there's plenty of room at AMD for new blood. That's not a surprise to those of us who follow tech news, as significant portions of AMD's talent have left for its competitors. (Although clearly the company is doing alright, considering the recent results of Ryzen and Radeon.)

amd job listings screenshot
AMD has thousands of job listings, just for Engineering.

Most of the GPU job results we see are in Austin, TX, Santa Clara, CA, and Orlando, FL, although there are also some international postings in Australia, the UK, China, and elsewhere. There are openings for hardware engineers as well as software developers.

The CPU side of AMD's business seems to be mostly hiring for the new facility in Poughkeepsie, New York. Going over the positions, we see a lot of important-sounding jobs, like "CPU Core Performance Architect" and "Senior Infinity Fabric Verification Engineer". It sounds like the new site will be a major AMD R&D location.

amd mikeevans webdev tweet

Meanwhile, as far as web dev goes, Mike Evans said that he is looking for "experienced web devs with database admin experience," especially near Santa Clara. AMD's already recently revised its website with a reasonable analog to Intel's ARK database, but it definitely still needs some work, so perhaps this is related to that.