Alleged PlayStation 5 Devkit With DualShock Controller Images Leaked Online

The time is drawing near for the next generation of game consoles, as the PS4 and Xbox One are certainly getting long in the tooth. Sony has mostly dominated this generation of the console wars with its PlayStation 4 selling 94 million units, surprisingly distancing itself from Microsoft's offering. Microsoft is working on a lower price current generation Xbox One S that lacks an optical drive, tipped for launch May 7 and aiming at luring buyers from the PS4. However, a new leak is making the rounds that alleges to be an image of the net generation Sony PlayStation 5 devkit  console and controller.

ps5 dev

One glance at the image (seen initially on Reddit though it has since been removed there) shows a very unattractive console indicative of its pre-release, development platform-only status. There is a chance this is nothing more than a Photoshop someone cooked up for attention but it looks reasonably convincing enough. And of course devkit consoles, as this is alleged to be, certainly don't have to look like the finished product that consumers will eventually buy. Development hardware is design to deliver full functionality of a product to allow developers to work with the system, rather than providing the experience of a retail production-ready product.

The console is very tall, perhaps hinting at the need for serious cooling in its current form, or possibly a larger graphics module standing vertically. Rumors have also suggested that the PS5 will use an AMD Ryzen processor. The new dual shock PlayStation 5 controller has a design that looks different from the current PS4 controller; the black area above the PlayStation button on the controller seen with the console is an LCD.

The image of the controller alone from Twitter shows the display lit up and what appears to be a PlayStation chat window. That design could bring a nice aspect to a game by showing the player detail they would have to go to another screen to get right now. Also, you could think something along the lines of having the map in Red Dead Redemption 2 open on the controller screen, so you don't have to access a separate screen from your game action to view it. It's impossible to know if these are legitimate images or not, but the development of the PS5 is certainly well underway.