Alienware Workstations with ATI FireGL 73x0 Graphics


New FireGL V7350 Represents Industry's First 1GB Workstation Graphics Accelerator

MIAMI - March 20, 2006 - Alienware -- the leading manufacturer of high-performance desktop, notebook, media center, server and professional systems -- is now making ATI's powerful new FireGL V7350 and V7300 graphics cards available on MJ-12 desktop workstations. Loaded with 1GB of GDDR3 graphics memory, the FireGL V7350 is the industry's first 1GB workstation graphics accelerator, and along with the 512MB FireGL V7300, delivers optimal performance for Alienware users working with complicated 3D models and large data sets.

The FireGL V7350 and FireGL V7300 are designed with a scalable, ultra-threaded architecture that features eight parallel geometry engines and 16 pixel shader processors, providing breakthrough speed improvements and higher image quality. The two FireGL graphics cards also fully support Shader Model 3.0 for advanced shading operations and include Avivo technology to ensure outstanding video and display quality.

Backed by a high fidelity display engine, the FireGL V7350 and FireGL V7300 are capable of producing over one trillion colors and facilitate high dynamic range (HDR) rendering with 8-bit, 10-bit, and 16-bit per RGB color component support. In addition, the FireGL V7350 and FireGL V7300 include two dual link outputs to enable ultra-high resolutions up to 3840x2400, as well as stereoscopic 3D output so Alienware users can view models and scenes in 3D by utilizing stereoscopic viewing glasses.

"Built around only the most powerful workstation technology, Alienware workstations are the ideal platforms to supplement the cutting-edge performance of the FireGL V7350 and FireGL V7300," said Patrick Cooper, Director of Product Management for Alienware. "The new FireGL graphics cards provide Alienware workstation users with the premier graphics environment for CAD and DCC applications."

"ATI's FireGL series of graphics accelerators have been instrumental in countless visually-demanding projects," said Dinesh Sharma, Director, Workstation Products, ATI. "By implementing ATI's highest performing FireGL solutions yet, the FireGL V7350 and V7300, Alienware workstations are equipped to deliver real-time visualization, cinematic-like rendering, and up to an industry-leading 1GB of GDDR3 graphics memory."  READ MORE..