Alienware Extends SSDs to Desktops

Alienware has extended its support of solid-state drives (SSDs) from its notebook line to its desktop line.  If you are willing to pay the big bucks --- really big bucks --- you can add these to your desktop configuration.

Alienware said Tuesday that it is now shipping solid-state-disks into selected desktop models as well as its notebook PCs.

Alienware's Area-51 ALX and Aurora ALX systems are the market's first desktops to feature the 64-Gbyte SSD, the company said. Prices were not announced, but configuration screens on the company's Web site said that the company was charging a whopping $1,700 for two 64-Gbyte SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration, the only option available.

Honestly, 64GB seems small for a desktop nowadays, and the advantages most think of related to an SSD, meaning power consumption and shock protection (though obviously not sticker shock), don't apply to a desktop.  Still, Alienware has been moving heavily into SSDs on their notebooks, so this makes a lot of sense for them.