Ageia Releases RealityMark Benchmark

The folks over at Ageia have informed us that they have just released their new RealityMark physics benchmark utility. Based on the highly popular CellFactor technology demo we utilized in our initial review of the Ageia PhysX card, the benchmark runs through a timedemo of sorts which is run both with and without the discrete PPU enabled. This provides the user with a very clear understanding of what performance gains the Ageia PhysX card is providing for their system. For those early adopters of PhysX cards which are still waiting for developers to utilize the power of their hardware, this benchmark is surely a necessary download.

AGEIA RealityMarkTM is a new tool which demonstrates the feature and performance value of AGEIA PhysX in a physics-intensive gameplay environment. It's designed to illustrate how next-generation game design uses the power of the PhysX processor to enable leading-edge, physically interactive gameplay elements which were not possible until now.