Ageia Interview, HighSpeedPC Standard HSPC Tech Station 2.0

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Intel Files Response To AMD Complaint


SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 1, 2005 - Intel Corporation today filed its response to a lawsuit recently initiated by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) regarding Intel's business practices. In the response, Intel refutes AMD's claims and states that its business practices are both fair and lawful.

The Intel response explains that AMD's claims are factually incorrect and contradictory. In addition, AMD's complaint -- by attempting to impede Intel's ability to lower its prices -- would hurt consumers, not help them.

"Innovation, investment, customer focus and great products have led to Intel's success over the years," said Bruce Sewell, Intel general counsel. "These are the things that have been fundamental to our decision making as we've sought to move the industry and the pace of technology forward.

"Likewise, AMD has made its own business decisions and choices that have determined its position in the marketplace. Yet, with its lawsuit, AMD seeks to instead blame Intel for the many business failures AMD has experienced that are actually a direct result of AMD's own actions or inactions."

In its response filed today with the U.S. District Court in Delaware, Intel described the semiconductor industry business model that has led to phenomenal growth and steadily increasing value to customers over the years. That business model is based on three fundamental principles: production, product and price. The Intel response indicates that "AMD's choices and behaviors with respect to each of these core principles over the period covered by the complaint provide a compelling answer to the allegations it has made in this case."

Intel's response further states, "AMD's complaint presents a case study in legal dissonance. Although AMD has purportedly brought its complaint to promote competition, its true aim is the opposite. Under the cover of competition law, AMD seeks to shield itself from competition. AMD seeks to impede Intel's ability to lower prices and thereby to allow AMD to charge higher prices. AMD's colorful language and fanciful claims cannot obscure AMD's goal of shielding AMD from price competition."

Darwin: iPod Kills RIO, Microsoft Kills iPod @ Designtechnica

"This week, D&M holding killed the RIO line of MP3 players because they simply could not compete with the iPod. What makes this amazing is that a few years ago the RIO, then owned by S3, was competing with Creative Labs for this market and was largely believed to be the company to beat. Apple came out of nowhere as a failing PC company and not only took the market away from Creative Labs and RIO, but grew the market to be vastly larger than before."

PodCasting 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started @ BFR

"Everywhere you turn online these days you hear the word "podcast" or "podcasting." No, it's not some broadcasting method used by Martians, even though it might sound like it. A Podcast is just an audio file that is syndicated via an RSS feed, that you download and listen to with your computer or a portable device such as an iPod. What makes it different from an ordinary RSS feed is the audio component included in the "enclosure field."

HighSpeedPC Standard HSPC Tech Station v2.0 @ Phoronix

"Late last year we had the opportunity to try out the Tech Station computer test bench, which is manufactured by the people at HighSpeedPC. Today, we have our hands on the latest revision of their tech station kit with the Standard HSPC Tech Station v2.0. Will these alterations in the revision warrant an upgrade for current users or better yet recruit new HighSpeedPC customers? Today we'll be sharing our opinions on this open-air workstation."

Ageia Interview: Fall Update @ GDHardware

"It's been awhile since we caught up to the folks at Ageia – the makers of the worlds soon-to-be-released first dedicated Physics processor called PhysX. It's what you don't know about these guys is what's so important here. We can attest that there are many internal things going on within Ageia that are poised to turn the gaming world upside down on its head."

Asus P5WD2 Premium Motherboard Review @

"If you have decided on the Intel CPU and do not care about having the SLI setup of nVidia cards, this is the best motherboard money can buy, period. Top performance, serious over clocking with easy GUI, the most detailed BIOS settings I have seen to date."