New Nintendo Switch Pro Features Unearthed In Fresh Leak Including Upgraded Dock

switch pro
Yesterday, we were presented with some new information on the upcoming [alleged] Nintendo Switch Pro, namely that it will be unveiled before E3 2021. Today, we're learning even more about Nintendo's "flagship" Switch, which could feature a $349 or higher price tag.

The news comes to us from the Spanish website Vandel, which claims to have received information from Nintendo partners tasked with creating accessories for the Switch Pro. First of all, there's confirmation that the Switch Pro will feature a larger OLED display (rumored to measure 7 inches diagonally) with smaller bezels. The size of the console is reportedly a close match for the original [standard] Switch, and the detachable Joy-con controllers are interchangeable between the two consoles.

The rather flimsy plastic kickstand used on the current Switch has reportedly be axed in favor of a large "flap" that is more akin to what you find on the Microsoft Surface Go and Surface Pro tablets. As a result, it should result in a more stable platform when using the Switch Pro in tabletop mode.

The Nintendo Switch Pro will support a [faux] 4K resolution mode courtesy of NVIDIA DLSS, albeit only in docked mode. The dock is reportedly slightly larger than the original version, while its USB 2.0 ports have been upgraded to USB 3.0. There's also an Ethernet port included on the dock for wired internet connections.

The NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC currently used in the Switch and Switch Lite is ancient, relatively speaking, so it's rumored that the Switch Pro will use a more powerful Arm-based SoC. That power will be needed to enable the aforementioned DLSS upscaling and any updates to the resolution when on battery power. We'd assume that in portable mode, the resolution will either remain at 720p or be bumped to 1080p.

According to the latest reports, the Switch Pro will launch as early as September 2021, with the possibility of October if Nintendo needs more time to build a sufficient launch supply.