Adata Teases Smoking-Fast 8TB PCIe 5 SSD, DDR5-8000 RAM And More Ahead Of CES

adata city
If you're a PC enthusiast, then Adata probably needs no introduction. The Taiwanese company has grown from meager origins selling USB flash drives to become a premier supplier of top-shelf solid-state storage and the second-largest memory module vendor in the world. Naturally, Adata will have a booth at CES 2023, and it'll be bringing along its latest and greatest products.

That obviously includes some fancy RAM and storage devices. XPG Caster DDR5 will debut at CES, with transfer rates as high as 8 GT/s and support for Intel XMP 3.0. There's no mention of AMD's EXPO, but frankly, your Zen 4 chip probably won't tolerate that kind of silliness anyway. Probably more exciting is the promise of a new PCIe 5.0 SSD that can read and write its 8TB of storage at up to 14 GB/sec.


You probably don't think of Adata when you're pondering power supplies, but the company does have a line-up of them under its XPG brand. The crown jewel in Adata's CES booth will be a 1600-watt XPG Fusion model that was developed in collaboration with Delta Electronics. It will feature ATX 3.0 connectors—that means the funky little 12+4-pin cable for the new GeForces—and will seemingly come with 80 PLUS Titanium certification.

While Adata's focus in the last few years has been on building its gaming-focused XPG brand, it will bring various commercial hardware to the show as well. The promised offerings include what ADATA claims will be the world's first 16TB CXL memory modules. Yes, 16 terabytes. You could make the world's biggest RAMdisk with that.

adata battlecruiser
Adata XPG will be releasing a second edition of its Battlecruiser chassis at CES.

ADATA's XPG lineup has a "brand ambassador" called Mera; you can see her red-haired visage front and center in the image up above. As part of its XPG catalogue, Adata will be bringing out "Mera Edition" products that include memory modules, a chassis, a headset, a keyboard, a mouse, and a mouse pad, all emblazoned with the anime girl's face. Lovely.

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If you'll be at CES 2023, Adata says it will be in "Tech West - The Venetian," in booth number Titan #2202. If you won't be there, you'll instead be able to check out a virtual showcase of the new products 14 days from now. Adata's site also says that it's doing a giveaway for the products listed above, but doesn't provide any details on how that's going to work; apparently, you'll need to keep your eyes on the company's YouTube channel for those.