8BitDo's Game Controller Gives Nintendo's NES Classic The Wireless Freedom It Deserves

Unless you somehow missed the news this morning, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is back in stock at many stores across the United States. If you can't find the retro console online, we hear that many brick and mortar Walmart locations have the console in stock. 

However, if you manage to snag one of the consoles, which have out-of-production for well over a year, one of the first disappointments that you will run into revolves around the fact that the included controller has an incredibly short cord. While that may have been appropriate in the days when sat on the floor in front of our boob tubes to play Super Mario Bros., that just won't fly in today’s world of massive 4K TVs that are mounted on walls far away from where we typically sit. That's where 8BitDo comes in with its new wireless game controller for the NES Classic Edition.

8bitdo 1

The 8BitDo N30 consists of a wireless controller and a 2.4G wireless receiver that plugs into the actual console. With this arrangement, you don't have to worry about being in close proximity to the console, giving your more gaming freedom.

In addition to the standard directional pad, Select/Start buttons and requisite A/B buttons, there are two additional black buttons that provide turbo functionality. It even includes a dedicated Home button, which is much-needed with the NES Classic Edition’s interface.

Best of all, the N30 will only cost you $25 (thanks in part to the fact that it doesn't use Bluetooth for connectivity like its NES30 predecessor). You can preorder it right now from Amazon.