Nintendo’s NES Classic Console Back In Stock, Here’s Where To Score One

NES Classic Edition
One of the most elusive game consoles of last year was not a mighty 4K powerhouse or even a system capable of playing modern games. No, it was the NES Classic Edition, a modern remake of the hugely popular original that took the market by storm when it was introduced over three decades ago. Now it's back in stock at a handful of stores, but you will have to hurry—just as before, it is selling out fast.

This is a familiar scene. Nintendo and its retail partners could not supply enough NES Classic Edition consoles to satiate the unexpected ravenous demand. It became a big deal whenever a retailer would have stock, and it never lasted long. Then Nintendo abruptly ended production of the console, saying it was never intended to be a long term item, and that it needed the factory space to produce other items (like the Switch, another hot seller).

Later in the year, Nintendo announced it planned to resume production of the NES Classic Edition in 2018, and that it would be available today, June 29. True to the company's word, that is indeed the case, but once again they are going fast. As of this writing, Best Buy still shows the console as being in stock. Here are links to where you can find the console:
For those who need a refresher, the NES Classic Edition comes pre-loaded with 30 old school games, including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Final Fantasy, and more. Unlike the original NES released way back when, the miniaturized remake has an HDMI port for connecting to today's displays, and comes with an HDMI cable to boot.

It's not clear if the stores that are currently out of stock will replenish their inventories, just as they did before. Amazon having a wait list suggests that will be the case, though we can't say for certain. Either way, good luck and let us know if you snag one!