3GHz FX Overclocking, PEG Shoot-Out, a Memory Round-Up & More

Good morning HotHardware fans!  How are you all doing today?  I take it everyone had a good weekend?  Mine was pretty fun, I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with my fiance on Saturday, and on Sunday we went to a Jets game.  On top of that, I had some benchmarking to do, we had a Yankee game to watch, and I had to contribute to the never-ending trail of trash talking e-mails circulating between the guys.  It's fun having Dave up in Massachusetts, and a few of the other guys living in New York.  I swear, if you could read the e-mails between Mario and Dave you'd all have a good laugh...but we're a PG-Rated site...

 AMD Athlon FX overclocking to 3Ghz: Creating a 'Gamebeast' @ Madshrimps:

"This setup has all the bragging rights available, but is it actually worth its extreme price? Does buying an 800 euro cooling for your CPU improve your gaming experience? Do we need a 3Ghz FX? Find out in this overclocking extravaganza!"

 PCI Express Graphics Card Shootout @ GamePC Labs:

"Today at the GamePC Labs, we've compared a heap load of new graphics boards which have just hit the market, all utilizing PCI Express x16 graphics interfaces. We have high-end and mid-range cards from both nVidia and ATI, and we've tested them in loads of titles, including Doom 3, Counterstrike : CS, and Battlefield Vietnam. If you're looking to see who has the best PCIe solutions on the market today, we think our article can help out."

 SuperTalent, Geil, Wintec Amp-X Budget Memory Roundup Review @ 3DX:

"Today 3DXtreme takes at a look some budget memory covering a wide spectrum from PC3200 to PC3700 and varying from CAS 2 to CAS 3. We have Wintec Amp-X Gaming modules, SuperTalent 512MB CAS2 modules and some Geil Value PC3200. This gives us an opportunity to evaluate lesser known brand names to see how they compare to a more well known brand. Like a lot of electronics today it doesn't take much to create a product, all that needs to be done is base it on a well established IC chip like Samsung or Infineon and the result is a product that performs nearly as well as the top of the line memory for considerably less. Let's have a look at our memory offerings today and see how well they performed."

 Raidmax Cobra 822 ATX Case Review @ BigBruin.Com:

"The Raidmax Cobra 822 is a great bargain for a gaming case. Its paint job is superb and it has a striking appearance that is sure to stand out at any LAN party. For those who like the style of the case, but don't care for the blue paint job, no need to worry... Raidmax offers the case in other slick colors, such as silver, red, and black."

 VisionTek 1GB Go Drive @ BJorn3D:

"Always on the go? Do you need to store a CD and a half worth of stuff and have it at your side at all times? Well, either way you can benefit from having a USB flash drive with you. These drives have hit the market running and are beginning to take over the old and busted floppy drives of yore. Good riddance to the floppy for all I care, and a big hello to the VisionTek Go Drive! A huge gigabyte of data, USB 2.0, and a very compact size make for a sweet little removable storage solution. I don't know about you, but the fact that I can hold a full gigabyte of data in my pocket and have it to use in any PC with a USB port on it turns my frown upside down."

 Interview with Marketing Manager Danny Lee from XGI @ TCMagazine:

"Today we had an online interview with Danny Lee, the marketing manager from XGI Technologies concerning their videocards, upcoming products and ofcourse their driver support etc. We have put the most interesting questions and answers for you in this story so check it out to know more about XGI and it's products and services."

All right, that's going to have to do it for this installment.  Make sure you stop by a little later tonight.  We've got something really juicy on tap...