3DMark05, Gigabyte Radeon X300, Arctic-Cooling NV5 and More

Good evening everyone, welcome back to HotHardware.  The day is coming to a close and in traditional HH style we have a collection of swank news from around the net.  So, with a bit of DJ Tiesto and a tall glass of G&G, I am all settled in for a good read.  Here is your evening shot of juice...

 FutureMark 3DMark05 Glance @ IPKonFig

"3DMark 04 hit the shelves in 2003, and was doing quite well with companies who depend greatly on well design software tools for benchmarking applications and hardware. But that event was shortly lived when word broke out about 3DMark 04 and NVIDIA sleeping in the same bed came loose on the internet. Basically, many sites accused 3DMark 04 makers of allowing companies like NVIDIA to enhance its video card drivers to score higher in its benchmarking software."

 Gigabyte Radeon X300 @ Legion Hardware

"The Gigabyte Radeon X300 may not have been quite the overclocking monster that the PowerColor variant was, but it's still got plenty of head room. The PowerColor Radeon X300 managed an impressive 195MHz core overclock. Although the Gigabyte version was far from bettering this result, it still produced an impressive 115MHz core overclock with passive cooling. When testing with a much larger heatsink and fan the results improved, bringing the overall result to 135MHz."

 Arctic-Cooling NV5 Silencer Review @ 3DX

"Today 3DXtreme has the great pleasure of reviewing a video cooling solution by Arctic-Cooling for the nVidia 6800 series GPU, the NV5 Silencer. With current GPU transistor counts exceeding that of even the latest CPU's on the market it's not surprising that the latest video cards would require a cooling solution to rival a CPU cooler. Also, factor in the added heat from the DDR3 memory on the video card and this becomes even more apparent. Let's find out if this cooler can outperform the less bulky, stock cooler from an EVGA 6800GT."

 Mushkin PC-3200 Level II V2 (2-2-2-5) Memory reviewed @ Hi-Techreviews.com

" Every since the Winbond BH-5 chips became as scarce as hens teeth computer enthusiasts have been on the lookout for any memory that would approach the BH-5 claimed speeds. Earlier this year with the release of the Samsung TCCD chip it became evident that there was a new player in town as far as low latency memory was concerned. Not one to sit on the sidelines Mushkin immediately started designing a replacement memory module to take the place of the discontinued Level II memory and came up with the new PC-3200 Level 2 Version 2 (2-2-2) memory. After seeing our benchmarks I think you will agree that this is some blazing fast memory."

 XYZ Computing Review: Danger Den Water Cooling Kit

"At this point in my life I have become very discerning about which water cooling kits with which I like to work and those I do not. The Danger Den kit was well designed, easy to installed (though with a few small hang-ups), and did very well in our testing. The build quality of the parts is very high and each component fits well with the rest. ...Danger Den has a fantastic kit on its hands."

 Gainward FX Ultra1800PCX "Golden Sample" Reviewed @ Overclockers Online

"Another PCI Express video card makes its way into our hands for testing. This card from Gainward features a hand-picked GPU for better overclocking, but can performance justify its price? "

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