2.5 Geeks: Ryzen 4000, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Upgrading GPUs, Working From Home, Alienware Giveaway!

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In this latest episode of 2.5 Geeks, the team talks about AMD Ryzen 4000 series mobile CPUs, Samsung's big, burly Galaxy S20 Ultra, the benefits of upgrading from integrated graphics for a performance lift, working from home during a pandemic, Epic's Tim Sweeney stepping out in defense of NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and details about a SWEET Alienware gaming PC that we're giving away...

Show Notes:
06:27 - AMD Launches Ryzen 4000 Series: Zen 2 Mobile Unleashed With Big Performance Gains
22:19 - Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Review: Big, Bold, Tricked-Out
42:03 - Gaming Level-Up: Benefits Of Upgrading Integrated Graphics With EVGA & ASUS
49:40 - Working From Home Guide: Top Tips For Maximum Productivity
59:21 - Epic's Tim Sweeney Defends NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Trashes Google And Apple’s Money Grab
63:32 - HotHardware And Asetek Alienware Aurora Ryzen Invasion Gaming PC Giveaway!