Z77 Mobo Roundup II: EVGA, ASRock, Gigabyte, Zotac

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Total System Power Consumption

Before bringing this article to a close, we'd also like to talk a bit about power consumption. Throughout all of our benchmarking and testing, we monitored how much power each of our Z77 Express-based test systems was consuming with a power meter, and compared them to the reference systems used throughout our benchmark tests.

Total System Power Consumption
Tested at the Outlet

Our goal was to give you an idea as to how much power each configuration used while idling at the Windows desktop and while under a heavy CPU workload. Keep in mind, this is total system power consumption being measured at the outlet and not the the individual power consumption of the motherboards alone.

One thing you can count on with a little mainboard like the Zotac Z77-ITX WiFi is that it's just not going to drink as much power as a bigger board, and indeed, it pulled just 73W at idle and 145W under load, as opposed to the three larger boards that had similar power requirements. This is the only test we've seen in this roundup where one contender really stands out.

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