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The X-Micro Hulk V GeForce 2 MX
New kid on the block...

By, Jeff Bouton
December 14, 2000

H.H. Test System

Full Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium III 933EB, Tyan S1854 (Via 133A) Motherboard and X-Micro Hulk V  GeForce 2 MX 32Mb AGP Card, 256MB of PC133 True CAS2 SDRAM, Maxtor 20Gig  ATA/100 Hard Drive, Pioneer 16max DVD-ROM, Windows ME, DirectX 8.0, nVidia reference drivers (Detonator 3 6.31)

Benchmarks With The X-Micro Hulk V GeForce 2 MX

Let's take the Hulk V GeForce 2 MX for a ride around the block and see how it handles Quake 3.


Not bad.  The Hulk doesn't seem to have any trouble....let's see what happens when we turn up the MHz...

Not a huge jump when over-clocked but great performance overall.  Time to up the quality and see how the Hulk V handles Quake 3's "normal" setting.

Well as you can see, the X-Micro Hulk V has no problem ripping through Quake 3 at both the fastest and normal settings.  Now let's see how it handles the heat turned all the way up...

Although we've seen slightly better numbers out of other MX cards, the Hulk V is obviously quite capable of burning through Quake 3 arena. 

In general, this card offers a great balance between features and price.  For around $105, you?ll get a quality GeForce 2 MX with very good overall performance and above average over-clocking ability.  I think that any casual gamer that plunks down the cash for this card will be quite happy with how it handles today?s increasingly complex games.  We give this card a Hot Hardware rating of...  

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