Western Digital WD5000KS 500GB SATA HDD

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HD Tach 3.0.1

The four HD Tach metrics that we sampled for each drive are Random Access, which is largely dependent on the spindle speed of the drive, Read Average, Write Average and Burst Read throughput. Again, Read and Write Average scores are what we would consider the most meaningful to the end user. On the other hand, Burst Read is typically tied to a drive's on-board caching and SATA interface speed.

Performance With HD Tach

After seeing the Sandra and PCMark05 results, we weren't surprised by the HD Tach scores. The WD5000KS can't keep up in the Burst Read test, but in the three other metrics it shows off its great performance once again. Here we are most interested in the Average Write and Average Read marks as well as the Random Access time. The WD5000KS's Average Write and Read scores are top notch, with its Average Read score falling a bit behind the 750GB Barracuda.

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