VapoChill XE II

Introduction & Specifications

Over the years, we've evaluated multiple versions of Asetek's famed Vapochill vapor phase-change cooling system. In fact, our first experience with a Vapochill dates all the way back to June of 2000. The first Vapochill we evaluated hardly resembles today's more refined models, however. Gone is the standard beige case, replaced with a custom enclosure that's available in multiple colors, and with windowed side panels. Modern Vapochills still use compressors, of course, but the units have been upgraded and the refrigerant used is far more efficient.

The latest iteration of Asetek's Vapochill that we'll be taking a look at here, the Vapochill XE II, is a conglomeration of the features offered by the standalone Vapochill Lightspeed [AC] and the complete Vapochill XE kit.  Like the Lightspeed, the Vapochill XE II no longer uses a DC powered compressor, so it doesn't require a massive power supply be installed in the system. It also uses the same R507 refrigerant, and has the same large copper evaporator found on the Lightspeed. The XE II isn't a standalone unit though; it's compressor assembly is installed in the custom enclosure introduced a couple of years back.  Take a look...

Specifications & Features of the Vapochill XE II
Extreme Cooling - Not for the Meek
Cooling performance

Case color

Front bezel/buttons


Display window

CPU-kit (optional 1)

CPU-kit (optional 2)

Load/idle 180W @ -18'C / 0W @ -44'C

Black ATX PC-Case color, side panel with window


(HxWxD) 560x260x560 mm / 22"x10.2"x22"


AMD S754/939/940 & Intel S478

Intel Socket T (LGA 775)

High Performance 230V AC/115V AC cooling unit

100% motherboard compatibility [Motherboard has to comply with Intel/AMD thermal mechanical specifications]

New evaporator design [Same as VapoChill LightSpeed]

New Software based ChillControl with USB support
[Same as VapoChill LightSpeed]

New 115V/230V AC Compressor [TL4CL] with R507 coolant
[No need for a powerful Power Supply Unit]

New Windows based Control Panel [USB]
[Same as VapoChill LightSpeed]

__Big with plenty of room for upgrading and expansion
__Case cover coated with black or white powder paint (granular surface)

__Main board types supported ATX / extended ATX
__Full length graphics adapters supported
__Slots for 7 extension cards
__3 x 5 1/4' drive bays (external)
__1 x 3 1/2' drive bay (external)
__5 x 3 1/2' drive bays (internal)
__ATX connector shield
__Mounting options for fan cooling of HDD, 120 mm fan
__Mounting options for fan cooling of case, 3 x 50 mm fans
__Dimensions (DxWxH)
__Weight: 11.8 kg / 26.0 lbs

__Designer front bezel
__Power and reset switches
__Blue LEDs for power and HDD indication
__120 mm fan (optional)
__Power supply (optional)

Color (case cover)
__RAL 7035 (standard)
__RAL 9005 (Platinum)


18 kg / 40 lbs
56 cm / 22.0 in
56 cm / 22.0 in
26 cm / 10.2 in
With packaging
22 kg / 49 lbs
67 cm / 26.4 in
60 cm / 23.6 in
40 cm / 15.7 in

Ambient temp.
Max. altitude

10'C / 35'C (50'F / 95'F)
3,000 m / 10,000 ft
-40'C / 65'C (-40'F / 149'F)
12,000 m / 40,000 ft

Before we take you on a virtual tour of the Vapochill XE II, we have a diagram courtesy of Asetek, that illustrates where the XE II falls on the Vapochill performance ladder. The Vapochill XE II offers 180W of cooling performance at a temperature of about -18'C. That makes the XE II a bit more powerful than the Vapochill XE, but not quite as powerful as the Lightspeed. Regardless, with cold plate temperatures that can reach as low as -44'C (0W), the XE II is plenty powerful to bring even the hottest CPU's temperature down into sub-zero territory, even while being heavily overclocked.

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