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Tyan S2495 Trinity KT400
More KT400 Madness

By, Tom Laverriere
February 17, 2003


To test the Tyan KT400 in its 3D gaming performance, we used the latest versions of Comanche and Quake 3 Arena.  Quake 3 may be a little outdated, but still gives a good idea of memory bandwidth performance in a system.  All tests were run at default and overclocked settings.


Quake 3 and Comanche 4
OpenGL and Direct 3D Gaming Performance

Here we can see how important memory bandwidth is.  The nForce2 boards have managed to pull ahead by about 15% once again.  The KT400 simply cannot keep up with the dualDDR performance of the nForce2 chipset.  The frame rates we are seeing from the KT400, however, are still very respectable and would offer a very satisfactory gaming experience. 


Comanche 4 is not as dependent on memory bandwidth like Quake 3, and is more dependent on CPU cycles.  We can see this by the fact that the nForce2 boards did not keep the same lead in this benchmark, as we saw in previous tests.  Here the nForce2 boards only managed a 9% performance gain.  Obviously the increased memory bandwidth explains the advantage, but in this benchmark, does not provide as much as an upper hand.  The KT400 chipset's performance is still admirable and more than sufficient for today's daunting tasks.


Unreal Tournament 2003 and The Ratings

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