Striking Looks: Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition

Interior Design and Layout

When it comes to the interior design and layout, the Level 10 GT, no matter which color you choose, is a lesson in design and build simplicity.  From its clean cable management features to ample and proper spacing between component areas, the Level 10 GT sets up easier than just about any full-sized case we've monkeyed with to date.  Incidentally, the Level 10 GT also supports Extended ATX motherboards, if you're a sucker for punishment in that regard.


The side panel door of the Level 10 GT is actually hinged and is easily removable just by lifting it off its hinge.  Thermaltake also designed a simple contact connector between the door and the main chassis, that connects the side intake fan to a power source, without the fuss or muss of a cable run.  Again, it's the little things like this that make all the difference.  The side intake fan also has a set of louvers behind it that can be positioned with a small lever on the exterior of the case.  With this, you can direct airflow from this fan, inside the case.

Rubber grommet-lined cable pass-throughs in various strategic areas inside the case and out the back panel, serve for both interior cable management and flow tubing for water cooling.  Again, setting up this case for impeccable, clean cable management and uninhibited airflow and cooling, couldn't be any easier.

Don't be distracted by the cool blue 200mm fan; look at that motherboard tray socket area cutout!

Even backside cable management behind the motherboard tray is easily accommodated by the back panel design.  It's a slide-off panel type but Thermaltake left plenty of room behind the motherboard tray, to stuff that 24-pin ATX power cable and anything else you want in there and out of site.  Also, take note of the motherboard socket area cutout in the motherboard tray.  This allows for a bit more air flow around the backside of the motherboard socket area.  Once again, we're impressed with the forethought that went into this design.

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