Shuttle XP17 - A high end 17" flat panel to go

Introduction -

When Shuttle augmented their marketing strategy for their Small Form Factor PC line-up not long ago, they moved from a barebones only model to a full system approach, which also required them to compete in a different arena.  Full system sales require not only the components of the main PC chassis and assembly, but also the related peripherals to complete a full workstation or home computing solution for the end customer.   Shuttle is now offering many different types of accessories to go with their line of XPCs and they've just recently gotten into displays.

What better way to show off one of those fabulous new mini XPCs, than to pair it with a matching flat panel display that is also designed around Shuttle's "low profile" way of life.  We're going to take a look at Shuttle's new XP17 Flat Panel monitor today and esthetically, it's cut from the same cloth as a Shuttle XPC.  Sleek lines and a svelte footprint are only part of the story, however.  Read on and we'll step through the rest.

Shuttle XP17 LCD Specifications
Sleek, Thin and fast
Screen Size and Type 17 inches (diagonal viewable image size)
Thin film transistor (TFT) active-matrix liquid crystal display
Screen Treatment Safety glass panel with anti-glare coating protects against damage and reduces eye strain.
Resolutions SXGA 1280 x 1024 pixels
Refresh Rate 75MHz
Response Time 16ms
Brightness 260 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 450:1
Display Colors (max.) 16.7 million
User Controls System Power On
Horizontal Position/ OSD Horizontal Position
Vertical Position/ OSD Horizontal Position
Image Adjust
Phase Adjust
Clock Adjust
Sharpness Adjust
OSD Transparency Adjust
Color Temperature
Input Select: Analog/ Digital
Monitor Tilt (Horizontally or Vertically)
English, Chinese( Traditional & Simplified), Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Dimensions (W) 435mm x (H) 423mm x (D) 40mm
Weight Net 4.3Kg
Gross 7.0 Kg
Input Connectors One Analog/ One DVI-D
Power Supply External 12V DC
Mounting options Desk/Wall
Special Feature Integrated carrying handle, super-rugged construction
Available Color Black, Silver
Accessory AC Power Cord
Cables: DVI-D, HD15
User's Manual
Quick Setup Guide
Optional Accessory XP17 Carry Bag

The detailed specs of this panel are impressive.  The XP17 boasts a 450:1 viewing angle, 260 candela brightness and a 16ms pixel response time.  All of these attributes line-up accordingly for what should be exceptional 17" LCD image quality, an environmentally forgiving display and fast ghosting artifact free gaming.  Also, at a native resolution of 1280X1024, gaming types should be able to drive native res game play, without having to sacrifice too much frame rate or the type of image quality degradation that comes from having to scale back a 1600X1200 native res panel to 1280X1024, in order to get playable frame rates.

Another notable aspect that will stand out for many users with high end graphics cards, are the DVI or VGA inputs on this display.  This is a feature that unfortunately hasn't become as common place as we would have liked by now, for many 17" displays.  However, Shuttle took the high road and incorporated both types of inputs.  

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