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The Shuttle XPC SN41G2
Small Form Factor + nForce2 = Perfect Combination

By, Marco Chiappetta
February 27, 2003

There is no denying that Shuttle Inc., started a trend that got PC enthusiasts and mainstream users interested in SFF (Small Form Factor) systems.  Way back in December of 2001, we took a look at the SV24, and were immediately excited about the possibilities.  Other companies seem to have seen the potential market for these mini-systems as well, with Soyo, Iwill and Tyan, among others, all introducing similar products.  Shuttle definitely has a head start over the competition, however.  They have listened to the hardware community, incorporated new technology and have methodically improved upon their initial designs over the past year and a half, culminating with the SN41G2 XPC we'll be looking at today.  With the SN41G2, Shuttle introduces a new enclosure, and thanks to the nForce 2, this XPC adds dual-monitor capabilities and top-notch audio output.  Read on to see if the SN41G2 is a worthy addition to Shuttle's XPC line...

Specifications & Features of the Shuttle SN41G2 XPC
A Mini nForce 2



  • Shuttle G2 type


  • 300(L)x200(W)x185(H)mm, 2.85Kg (N.W.), 4.65Kg (G.W.)

Form Factor

  • Shuttle Form Factor


  • Aluminum

Extension Bay

  • 2 x 3.5" bays 1 x 5.25" bay

Front Panel

  • 2 x USB ports 1 x 1394 port

  • 1 x SPDIF-Out 1 x Mic-In

  • 1 x Speaker-Out 1 x Power-On button

  • 1 x Reset button

Back Panel

  • 1 x PCI slot 1 x AGP slot

  • 1 x PS/2 Keyboard 1 x PS/2 Mouse

  • 2 x VGA port2 1 x Serial Port

  • 2 x 1394 ports 2 x USB ports

  • 1 x RJ45 port 1 x Parallel port (optional)

  • 1 x Front out connector 1 x Rear out connector

  • 1 x Center/Bass port 1 x S-video/composite port


  • Dimension: 82(W) x 43(H) x 190(D) mm (Max)

  • Input: 110 / 230V AC

  • Output: 200W(PFC)

  • EMI Certified: FCC, CE, BSMI

  • Safety Certified: UL, TUV, CB

  • Power Cord: Depends on specific region demand


  • 1 x Mainboard User manual

  • 1 x Mainboard CD-Driver

  • 1 x XPC Installation Guide

  • 1 x I.C.E Technology CPU heat-pipe

  • 1 x FDD Cable

  • 1 x HDD Cable

  • 1 x CD-ROM Cable

  • 1 x 7pin Mini DIN to RCA Cable

  • 1 x Power cord

  • Screws

  • Twin Adhesive

  • Friendly Front Feet

CPU Support

  • AMD Athlon/XP/Duron in 462-pin package with 200/266/333MHz FSB


  • nVidia nForce2 / MCP-T


  • 2 x 184 pin Socket support DDR266/333/400 unbuffered DDR SDRAM up to 2GB

  • Support Dual Channel DDR


  • Build in Geforce4 MX high performance 256-bit 3D engine

  • Support dual display

  • TV-Out

  • Support NTSC and PAL format in S-Video/Composite terminal

  • Support maximum input active resolution up to 1024x768


  • Realtek ALC 650 supports 5.1 channel audio

  • Support AC-3 Digital SPDIF Output

IDE interface

  • 2 x UltraDMA/133 IDE channels

IEEE 1394a

  • Realtek 8801, complies with 1394 OHCI specification revision 1.0 supports up to 400Mb/s data transfer rate


  • Realtek 8201BL support IEEE 802.3u 10/100Base-T

  • Supports Wake-On-LAN function

Expansion Slot

  • 1 x 8x mode AGP slot

  • 1 x PCI slot

On board connectors and Headers

  • 3 x fan connectors 1 x ATX main power connector

  • 1 x ATX 12V power connector

  • 1 x Peripheral power connector

  • 2 sets of 2x5 pin USB2.0 headers

  • 1 set of 2x5 pin Front Panel IEEE1394a header

  • 1 x Parallel header 1 x CD_In header

  • 1 x Mic_In header 1 x Speaker_Out header

  • 1 x SPDIF_Out header

The Bundle:



Shuttle did a great job with the SN41G2's bundle.  They include everything you'll need to assemble the system, minus a CPU, storage and some RAM.  In the box we found one "rounded" 80-Wire UDMA/133 IDE cable, another short 80-Wire IDE cable and a short floppy cable.  These smaller cables should help keep internal wire clutter to a minimum.  Shuttle also included a very complete users manual, a quick-setup guide, a protective CPU shim, a power cable and the obligatory CD with all of the necessary drivers needed to get the system up and running.  The SN41G2 also incorporates Shuttle's "I.C.E" heat-pipe technology to keep the CPU nice and cool, without the need for additional case fans.  The fan used the cool the CPU doubles as an exhaust fan, ejecting warm air from the system.  The heat-pipe cooler is mounted with four spring-loaded screws that make installing or removing it an absolute breeze.  We should mention that Its performance was very good as well.  The Athlon XP 2700+ we used throughout testing never broke the 50° C mark...

Setup & Initial Benchmarking

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