Sceptre X37SV-Naga Widescreen HDTV

First Impressions

The X37 comes packaged in is a plain brown box. When it first arrived, we were taken aback by how large the box actually was.  And it was quite heavy too.  It was heavy enough that we suggest you get a buddy beforehand to help out if you plan to carry it up or down a flight of stairs.


We then proceeded to open the box to find out that the TV is placed "upside down". The base of the TV is actually facing the top of the box, but this doesn't seem to cause any problems. We put the box on its side and slid the TV out. The thick foam packaging used was very secure. Each corner had a large square foam piece that held the set in place. It was also surrounded by plastic and had a taped screen guard on the front. The set itself is very appealing, more impressive in person than its marketing pictures make it out to be.


After removing the screen from its packaging, we found a small box that contained all the accessories. From left to right are the following; VGA, DVI-to-HDMI, computer sound, composite/sound, component, and power cables. Then there is the brief manual and the side mounted speaker cables and mounting screws, and the remote. As you can notice in the picture, all of the cables are pretty short, most being only three feet in length. We would have liked to have at least six foot long DVI-to-HDMI and VGA cables.

The instructions manual is also very limited and short (30 pages long), this is not as important to us, but for less experienced users a good manual is a must. If you need information about this set, your best bet would be to search on the web, and we will gladly answer any questions in our forums.

The remote included is pretty basic. It has the PIP buttons at the top, the options and menu buttons in the middle, and the channel buttons at the bottom. It uses two AA batteries which were included with the remote. We've had no real problems using this remote. Also, Logitech Harmony remotes are compatible with this set for those interested in using those in place of the standard unit.


The speakers match the material and color of the monitor and are attached to the sides using the included 8 thumb screws (4 for each speaker). The sound produced by these speakers is average, and some user have reported static and other noise when using the standard speakers. We recommend using an external set of speakers with this monitor, such as the Cambridge 5.1 set we used for testing, avoding installation of the included speakers altogether.

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