Sapphire Ultimate X1600 Pro and X1600 XT

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Overclocking Results


Overclocking Procedure: For our overclocking adventure, we decided to use version 0.25 Beta of ATI Tool. We used ATI Tool's artifact tester to test for visual anomalies as we slowly raised the clock speeds on the core and memory. Once we were able to pass 20 minutes of ATI Tool's artifact tester without a single error, we used those clock speeds to test our timedemo of Human Head's Prey. We ran Prey at a resolution of 1024x768, and used no AA and allowed the game to use it's default AF setting. 

Overclocking the Sapphire X1600 Pro
When it just needs to run faster

By overclocking the X1600 Pro to 596MHz core and 423MHz(846MHz DDR) memory, we managed to squeeze an extra 3.3FPS out of the card. We were rather impressed with the overclock we received on the core, however we feel our scores were held back a little by the 18MHz overclock we achieved on the memory. 

Overclocking the Sapphire X1600 XT
Faster than the Pro, but not fast enough

Our Sapphire Ultimate X1600 XT was able to reach 630MHz on the core and 760MHz(1.52GHz) on the memory. The X1600 XT turned out to be a decent overclocker. We were able to attain a moderate 40MHz overclock on the core, however we managed a 70MHz overclock on the memory, which isn't too shabby. In our Prey test, the overclock only amounted to a 2.3FPS increase, however results will vary depending on the game being played, game resolution, and levels of AA and AF applied.

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