Sapphire Ultimate X1600 Pro and X1600 XT

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CrossFire Performance

Performance Comparisons with Half-Life 2: Lost Coast in CrossFire Mode

Multi-GPU technology has advanced to the point where we can now not only mix different card vendors, but also mix different cards in some configurations. While higher end ATI products still require a master and slave card, the X1600 series and below needs only the proper driver support. Catalyst version 6.7 has recently been released, and we decided to use it as we wanted to take advantage of any extra CrossFire improvements. The way these two cards work in CrossFire, is the X1600 XT will run at the speed of the X1600 Pro. Basically we're benchmarking two X1600 Pros in CrossFire mode. 

Two cards won't give you exactly double the performance, however we do see very noticeable performance gain. Two X1600 Pros have no problem overtaking the GeForce 6600 GT in this test. The CrossFire solution also holds onto the lead when AA and AF are applied.

Even when gaming with 1280x1024, the two cards manage to obtain a playable framerate. Despite the power of two, AA and AF still manage to drag the performance down enough to make the demo a bit unplayable.

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